5 Ways A Second Season Could Work (& 5 They Should End At One)

The mega hit Netflix Squid game, directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, is another entry into the ‘death games’ sub-genre of fiction, pitting debt-ridden people against terrifying odds, and sometimes against each other, in brutal games. to earn billions of free won to get off debt. The anti-hero, Seong-Gi-hun, is in the fight of a lifetime.

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The first season of Squid game had a lot of action, thrill, horror, hard-hitting personal drama and more than a few shocking twists, and for some Squid game fans, that was a lot. Many of them think the show should stop while it’s coming. However, a second season has already been confirmed, but it’s not yet clear whether a second season is even needed to cement Squid gameas a classic of modern television.

ten MAY WORK: Social themes are still relevant today

If a TV show, movie, or animated series has timeless themes, then the story will feel fresh and relevant in any decade, as certain themes and concepts can manifest in any society in a decade. or a century. It can perpetuate a story, and Squid game greatly benefits from this advantage.

Squid game is rooted in society and economic hardships and inequalities, not to mention class struggles, and these themes have weighed heavily on humanity since ancient times. And it’s anything but certain that Squid gameThe theme of the class struggle in South Korea will still resonate in the years to come.

9 WON’T WORK: Unraveling the mysteries could spoil the fun

Squid game balls

Many TV shows rely on an element of mystery and suspense to keep viewers engaged, even though the show is not a dedicated mystery series like the BBC’s. Sherlock. Enough on, Squid gameThe central characters of are shrouded in mystery, as is the concept of the annual hosting of these death games.

Season 2 could dig deeper into the mysteries of such games, such as how founder Oh Il-nam managed to muster so many resources, including money and manpower, to make running the game. Not knowing this is all part of the fun.

8 MAY WORK: Gi-hun and some viewers want answers

Again, a lot of Squid game fans probably want some serious answers as to how all of this carnage started, and the star herself, Seong Gi-hun, certainly wants those answers. You could argue that Season 1 is defined by mystery, and Season 2 should be defined by answers and plot.

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If the element of mystery gets lost in Squid game, it can simply be replaced with a new theme, which can help make the two seasons distinct from each other and give the show a sense of progress. The best shows and book series tend to evolve and refine over time.

7 WON’T WORK: Doing it was taxing and stressful

Directing a movie or a TV show is always exhaustive and stressful work because the director has so much to juggle, even if nothing ever goes wrong. Squid game director Hwang Dong-hyuk struggled to achieve his TV success.

Reports say that Hwang Dong-hyuk has been under so much stress that he has lost a few teeth, and it is a clear sign that he has suffered enough so far. Ultimately it’s up to him to decide what to do next, but for the sake of health, and Squid game himself, maybe he should end his TV franchise here.

6 MAY WORK: If a great new director can be found

sang woo in a tuxedo squid game

If director Hwang Dong-hyuk doesn’t return to direct another season of Squid game, some fans might argue, then there shouldn’t be a second season at all, as having a new director can cause a serious change in the tone and style of the story. Changing directors sometimes goes badly for television and film franchises.

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It’s a risky decision, but again, if the fans want Squid game Season 2 is bad enough, the industry can search long and hard to find the perfect director to take over from Hwang Dong-hyuk, to make season 2 a reality. In fact, a sufficiently skilled director could build on what the original did, rather than sabotage it.

5 WILL NOT WORK: Oh Il-nam is already dead

The creator of the tournament to the death Squid Game, old Oh Il-nam, was in hiding in plain sight during the first season of Squid game, being candidate 001 and a staunch but unreliable ally of Gi-hun. In the end, Oh Il-nam met Gi-hun again and revealed the truth.

Oh Il-nam had a lot of blood on his hands, but he never had to answer for what he did, as he died right in front of Gi-hun’s eyes. Now that he’s gone, the heart of Squid game is gone too, or at least it seems to be. Without him, the story might feel a bit hollow in Season 2.

4 MAY WORK: If Oh Il-nam’s legacy is complex enough

oh il-nam from the squid game

When a central character like Oh Il-nam dies, a story won’t be the same without him, and in many cases, that’s a good reason to wrap up the story. Then again, if things are handled well, the character can play a major role in the story even after his demise, and Oh Il-nam could do the same.

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There is still plenty of room to develop the story, influence, and personality of Oh Il-nam in Season 2, even though the man himself is dead. If Gi-hun and other characters can further explore Oh Il-nam’s story, and if Oh Il-nam’s new plans are implemented after his death, he can ultimately play a major role in the season 2.

3 WILL NOT WORK: The novelty may already be sold out

369 fail dalgona game squid game

In some ways, Squid game feels fresh, with its use of colorful kid games in a deadly tournament and its South Korean setting. For the most part, however, Squid game Can’t help but join the “battle royale” club, and that club is now quite crowded, especially in the world of Japanese anime and live-action anime adaptations.

Game shows and Battles Royals are now quite familiar, and although Squid game was lightning in a bottle, it might not be able to continue, and it might get stale too quickly. Season 1 barely avoided feeling stale and boring, and Season 2 could be one season too many when it comes to freshness.

2 COULD WORK: There are more games to play

Oh Il-Nam play Red Light Green Light squid game

The first season of Squid game featured six games, including Red Light Green Light, ball variations, and even a tug of war. And that’s just the beginning. There are countless kids games or other simple contests available for Season 2, and potentially, Squid game could also have new games for a third or even a fourth season.

This simple formula can be refreshed over and over again, and fans would no doubt love to see a whole new set of contestants try their hand at deadly versions of games like hopscotch, hangman, or even tag. Any children’s game can get bloody and cool in the world of Squid game.

1 WON’T WORK: Suspending disbelief becomes difficult

It’s important to suspend disbelief when watching or reading most works of fiction, and everyone understands that to some extent the rules and logic are twisted somewhat in making a fictional story work. But to suspend disbelief can only go up to a point, and sometimes, Squid game really pushes it.

Already, it’s hard to believe that the South Korean police and government don’t notice or care that hundreds of people disappear like this, and the recruiter even walks around with his face exposed. Even if police officers are bribed or some of the contestants live in the dark, Squid Game hosts are unlikely to be able to continue to get away with this. In Season 2, that might become even more apparent, and it might make the experience a bit worse.

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