Benefit Show for Betty with Go Betty Go, Dollyrots, Adam Bones, Johnny Madcap, Bad Cop / Bad Cop and more July 3

“This is hard news to share with everyone because it seems surreal. Betty has received the heartbreaking news that she has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. She has no choice but to fight like hell. Betty, along with all of us in the group and all who love her, sees no other path than that of healing. Those of you who know Betty know that she is strong, resilient and determined to get rid of cancer! If love alone could cure cancer, Betty would be completely cured by now,” shares members of Go Betty Go.

On July 3, The Paramount Los Angeles site will host a special event for all ages Benefit show for Betty beginning at 3:00 p.m. and featuring Go Betty Go with Two Tens guitarist Adam Bones replacing Cisneros. The show will also feature special guests The Dollyrots, Johnny Madcap and The Distractions, with an acoustic set by Linh Le & Jennie Cotterill of Bad Cop/Bad Cop, MC/Hosts HazyChaos featuring special guest Emily Valentine. Tickets can be purchased here and 100% of proceeds are donated to Betty’s medical needs and expenses:

The Benefit show for Betty will also be available via Livestream, keep an eye out for and for more details.

“To say that Betty is part of our band family would be a huge understatement; we arrived in the same scene in Los Angeles almost 20 years ago. She’s “Tia Betty” to our kids and also one of the most badass guitarists and songwriters around. We’re here to support her in any way we can, knowing she’s one of the strongest women we know and will show Cancer who’s boss.

—The Dollyrots

A Go Fund Me has also been set up to help Betty in her fight:

“When they asked me to be Betty’s understudy for an upcoming show in case she couldn’t perform, I was surprised. I was also flattered that they thought of me. It was fun and a bit hard to learn the songs. I’ve seen them perform live many times over the years and have listened to their recordings a lot so I felt familiar with the songs. But listening to them with a keen ear made me realize on a whole new level how sophisticated they are and how talented the band is. Certain parts of Betty were particularly difficult to learn. It gave me a whole new appreciation for them as a songwriters, musicians and band. I always enjoy hanging out with the GBG ladies. It’s endless laughter, fun and positive energy. We’ve been friends for years and have shared the stage on many occasions. So , playing music with them was really wonderful , but I wish it had been under different circumstances. In the end, I’m just honored to be able to be a part of helping the group help Betty while she improves”

–Adam Bones

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