Best Workplaces in Fintech 2022

The Great Resignation weighs heavily on employers, and the banking sector is not spared.

For that reason, financial services executives might be able to learn a thing or two about creating an open and welcoming workplace from this year’s Best Workplaces in Fintech winners.

Fifty companies make the list this year with US workforces ranging from just 15 employees at Moca Financial to more than 6,700 employees at Jack Henry. Winners enjoy a wide range of attractive worker benefits. A handful of companies, including Ascent Funding, Wise and Alkami, encourage employees to recharge through paid sabbaticals and generous time off. Pipe, which provides revenue-based financing to businesses, furloughs employees every Friday in the summer.

Other companies provide no-cost or low-cost health care options to employees or make large contributions to pension plans. Many fintechs have adopted policies popular with their staff. For example, Mpower Financing, the best fintech to work for this year, offers staff members multiple opportunities to give and receive feedback throughout the year. Corserv, which came in as the 10th best fintech to work for, has always had a remote workforce even before COVID-19. The founders thought this created greater autonomy.

The winners were selected through a two-part survey process, completed with the assistance of Best Companies Group. The surveys measured employee satisfaction in addition to examining benefits and policies.

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