California Legislature Working to Overturn Cal Court-Ordered Enrollment Cap

California lawmakers targeted California’s Environmental Quality Act to save the enrollment of 2,629 students at the University of California, Berkeley.

On Friday, state lawmakers introduced two bills, which would reverse the state Supreme Court’s recent order to limit enrollment at Cal to its 2020-21 level of 42,347 students. If passed, the bills would amend the landmark Environmental Review Act to give state university leaders 18 months to address any issues before a court issues a ruling affecting the growth of universities. registrations.

“AB 168/SB 118 would respond to the recent unprecedented court ruling that ordered UC Berkeley to cut in-person enrollment this fall by more than 2,600 students,” said the chair of the Senate Budget Committee of State, Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley) in a prepared statement.

“To jeopardize the future of the more than 2,600 students who have secured a place at Cal is contrary to California’s longstanding priority of giving more students, not fewer, the opportunity to benefit from our public universities and colleges,” the state senator added.

The court-ordered enrollment cap resulted from a successful lawsuit by local activist organization Save Berkeley Neighborhoods, which cited the Environmental Review Act in its suit. In a 2018 lawsuit, the group claimed an environmental impact report failed to consider the impact of on-campus enrollment, which exceeded the university’s previous estimates by at least 30 %.

Save Berkeley Neighborhoods, which says its mission is to “make UC Berkeley a good neighbor,” accused the university of creating a housing shortage in Berkeley, but also challenged a student housing project.

State lawmakers plan to vote on the bills as early as next week.

March 24 is the deadline for the University of California, Berkeley to send out admission letters to newly admitted freshmen and transfer students. College students in the United States must generally select their college of choice by May 1, sometimes referred to as National College Decision Day.

More than 45,000 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at the University of California, Berkeley in the fall 2021 semester. Cal’s enrollment is the second-largest in the University of California’s 10-school system. California.

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