Department of Education to Overhaul Federal Student Loan Systems

The Ministry of Education is planning a major overhaul of the current student loan management systems. (iStock)

The Department of Education recently announced that it would revamp its current federal student loan management systems, giving borrowers more power to easily manage their student loans.

The ministry said it expects improved service systems can help borrowers avoid missed payments or even defaults.

“The USDS [Unified Servicing and Data Solution] is the long-term loan management solution designed to provide federal student loan borrowers with a 21st century customer experience,” said Richard Cordray, COO of the Department of Education, in the announcement dated 19 may. “Building on lessons learned from past loan service efforts, the FSA and the U.S. Department of Education are committed to holding USDS service agents accountable to a high level of performance and to focus on key objectives such as reducing arrears and borrower defaults. »

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Student loan managers fail to meet federal expectations

There are six loan management systems that work with federal student loan borrowers throughout their education and repayment. Each system has its own staff, website and contact center and conducts its own borrower outreach activities. However, Cordray said this approach is detrimental to borrowers.

“This disjointed service system is often confusing for borrowers and, frankly, the quality of work has not always met our standards,” he said. “Borrowers are understandably frustrated when they receive inconsistent information about something as important as their student loans. Too often, borrowers miss out on available repayment options, and millions have defaulted as a result.”

Current loan service contracts will expire in December 2023, making this an optimal time to create a new system, according to the Department of Education. The objectives of the new systems implemented will be:

  • Give all Federal Student Aid (FSA) borrowers comprehensive loan management through
  • Reduce disruption for account transfers
  • Strengthen Service Agent Accountability to Reduce Student Loan Delinquencies and Defaults

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FSA modernizes student loan repayment

The FSA has already begun taking steps to implement its vision for modernizing the student aid experience, calling it “Next generation FSAIt is looking to modernize its student loan technology, processes and operations, giving borrowers more access and control through their online accounts.

Under the new system, USDS will have FSA manage all service platforms, contact centers, and manual processing activities for all non-specialty loan servicing activities. Work currently associated with specialist programs such as the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF) and others will be transferred to the FSA’s and Business Process Operations (BPO) providers.

“These massive efforts cannot be accomplished immediately, so the FSA is taking a phased approach,” Cordray said. “We are launching a targeted set of high-yield enhancements when USDS services go live.”

When launched, USDS will co-brand with FSA and create a single sign-on experience for all federal borrowers. Within five years, FSA will transition to full account management and reimbursement.

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