Elden Ring video shows the benefits of an aggressive style of play

As time has passed since the release of Ring of Elden, more and more players have found optimal strategies to get through certain encounters. However, a Ring of Elden fan has shown that the proven method of aggression can be used effectively against just about any enemy.

This trick has been epitomized by top FromSoftware players like Let Me Solo Her, and it’s one of the few ways players will often approach the game. If players aren’t aggressive, they’ll likely be defensive, taking their fights very long and attacking briefly between several dodges. While this allows many to finish their fights, this approach takes longer and forces players to dodge more than they attack, which could lead to mistakes. With an aggressive playstyle, health bars can be easily drained.


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Reddit user and Ring of Elden Player Pewgf showcased the benefits of constantly going on the attack, reminding viewers that they are as much a boss as they are an enemy and should fight like that. Their first demo is against Maliketh, and they’ve put on a show to take down the boss in minutes. Showing his confidence by playing shirtless, the player dodges attacks and immediately punishes Maliketh, attacking quickly without his hits being interrupted in between. In the end, the goal is to stagger the boss, which the Redditor manages to do.

Spread is the biggest benefit of an aggressive build, as it allows players to use their strongest attacks and restore both health and FP. As the clip shows, this approach works on some of the toughest bosses in the game. After mastering dodges and staggers to kill Maliketh, the Redditor then moves on to Radagon. Once he’s been dealt with, Malenia is defeated using the exact same fighting style, with Morgott completing the player’s impressive display.

If players struggle against some Ring of Elden bosses, a little more aggressiveness might just be the answer. To show that this style works with any build, Pewgf used different weapons for each boss he fought, constantly stunning and beating them regardless of what gear they had equipped. As long as players are proficient at dodging and can parry with their shield when needed, stance breaks can be chained together for “massive damage.” Unsurprisingly, the helpful post did well on Reddit, earning over 5,800 upvotes from the game’s fans.

While an aggressive playstyle isn’t for everyone, some will surely prefer a more magic-focused approach to Ring of Elden which allows them to keep their distance, this video proves that close combat is worth trying. While it takes some practice to get as good as Pewgf, players could wipe the floor with bosses once they master this style of play.

Ring of Elden is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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