Everything Anna Delvey (Sorokin) Said About “Inventing Anna”

Anna Sorokin (a.k.a Anna Delvey) shared his reactions to the Netflix series Invent Anna with Cosmopolitan. The limited series of Shonda Rhimes (Bridgerton) tells the story of Delvey’s deceitful life indulging in Manhattan’s business and art world by claiming she had a $60 million European trust fund and forcing her way through expensive trips, hotels and restaurants while leaving everyone with the bills.

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The nine-part series stars Julia Garner as Anna Delvey alongside Anna Chlumsky, Katie Lowesand Laverne Coxand is based on by Jessica Pressler New York Magazine article “How Anna Delvey tricked New York’s revelers”. Anna watched a few scenes from the show behind bars and shared her thoughts.

Anna thought she would be out of jail before the show was released

Julia Garner as Anna Delvey posing for a photo

After being arrested in 2017, Delvey was convicted of eight counts of fraud in 2019 and sentenced to four to twelve years in prison. She was released in February 2021 after spending four years in prison for defrauding hotels, banks and her friends out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Six weeks into her parole period, she was arrested for overstaying her visa and is currently being held by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) at the Orange County Correctional Facility in Goshen. , New York, pending deportation to Germany, which she did not expect. “When I imagined the show would be out, I thought I would be out, but I’m still in jail.”


Anna leaves the past behind

Julia Garner as Anna Delvey in court looking over her shoulder

The 31-year-old woman was in her mid-twenties when the events described in Invent Anna happened, and she describes those years as a slice of her life, saying she’s ready to move on. “Personally, I evolved a very long time ago, and I’m absolutely not in the same place, but I’m also affected by how the world sees me and what people think of me. I exist by in relation to everyone and to the world, I do not exist only by myself.”

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When Anna spoke to The New York Times, she said she felt she was no longer the Anna that she was.

“I feel like I’ve changed so much just because I’ve been exposed to so many people and seen other people’s journeys. Even though I thought I had traveled so much, and lived in Europe, lived in the United States, and lived in different countries, I was so sheltered. Having been in prison and having been through the criminal justice system, it just exposed me to a whole different type of person, and my problems before that just seem ridiculous.

Anna’s Opinion on Julia Garner’s “European” Accent

Julia Garner as Anna Delvey takes a selfie on a plane

According to investigative reporter, Emily Palmer, Anna seemed to enjoy the show, laughing a lot, and she gave a rather diplomatic review of actress Julia Garner’s portrayal of her. To create Anna’s unique accent in the seriesGarner has only met the real Anna once.

Garner incorporated what little is known of Anna’s European history and tried to give the character a sense of the cosmopolitan identity she was trying to create while navigating her way through the elite of New York’s top flight. The resulting accent is a bit confusing and difficult to place. Delvey thinks that since it’s hard to tell where Anna de Garner is from, “she got it right in a way.”

Anna Sorokin feels sorry for Anna Delvey

Julia Garner as Anna Delvey enjoys a glass of champagne

At Anna’s trial, she raised her eyebrows, telling the New York Times, “The thing is, I’m not sorry.” She was even asked about the citation during her parole board hearing. “I told the parole board that I felt like I was taken out of context. And I said you came in as a surprise, and my feelings from this trial were really fresh. I felt quite defiant. It was just a few days after my guilty verdict. I was still processing.

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After four years in five correctional facilities and personal reflection, Anna’s perspective has changed.

“I am sorry for the way my case is viewed. And I’m sorry that I resorted to these actions that people think I glorify now. I’m sorry for the choices I made. Certainly, I don’t feel like the world would be a better place if people just tried to be more like me. Looking back, I would have changed a lot of things, but that’s not how life works. So I’m just drawing on my experiences and learning from them.

Despite her former luxurious lifestyle, Anna doesn’t think crime pays

Julia Garner as Anna Delvey at a glamorous event

Netflix reportedly paid $320,000 for the lifetime rights to the series, and Anna was consulted on the project. Some have said she profited from her crimes, which she doesn’t completely deny, “Yes, and that’s why, to reference that BBC interview where I was asked ‘Did the crime pays? I honestly couldn’t say “no”.

Anna said that in her situation with Netflix, she benefited because she was paid for her story and wanted to be transparent. “For me to say ‘no’ would be to deny the obvious. I did not say that crime generally pays. The charges didn’t go far, however. “I paid $198,000 – something for restitution, which I paid in full and immediately, and the rest at my legal expense.”

There could be more Anna drama on the way

Julia Garner as Anna Delvey takes a selfie by the pool

The Netflix Original series hitting screens in February only tells the story of Anna Delvey’s criminal life in New York, it does not address the life of Anna Sorokin. The woman who cheated on a series of prominent New York socialites before she turned thirty, has more material than she thinks is worth sharing.

“There’s definitely a lot more to my story that I’d like to share. With that in mind, I’m working on several projects. I’m working on a documentary project. I’m also working on a book about my time in prison and I’m also working on a podcast. I’m not trying to encourage people to commit crimes. I’m just trying to shed some light on how I made the best of my situation, not trying to glorify it. That’s what that I create from this story.

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