Hochul Announces Maximum SNAP Benefits in August

Governor Kathy Hochul announced Monday that $234 million in additional federal funding will be provided to all recipients enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) for the month of August, according to a statement.

“No New Yorker should be faced with the prospect of not being able to provide adequate food to feed their household,” Hochul said. “These added benefits help ease this painful worry for hundreds of thousands of individuals and families who are still struggling to make ends meet amid the ongoing economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The funding will allow for the maximum level of food benefits for all SNAP benefit recipients. Even those who are close to or at the maximum benefit level — $835 for a family of four — will still receive an additional payment of at least $95, according to the statement.

The state Office of Temporary Assistance and Disability said it has been providing these emergency supplemental benefits since April 2020 to families whose SNAP receives less than the maximum monthly benefit amount.

The agency added that even though the state’s emergency declaration expired in June 2021; they worked with the federal government to secure funding for all SNAP households.

“The impact that these maximum benefits can have on a food-insecure household cannot be overstated. These benefits provide an essential stopgap for individuals and families struggling to make ends meet and put healthy, nutritious food on the table,” said New York State Temporary Assistance and Disabilities Commissioner. , Daniel W. Tietz.

Washington Heights representative Adriano Espaillat welcomed the move.

“SNAP is the single most effective tool we have to address the epidemic of hunger plaguing communities across our state and the nation,” Espaillat said in a statement. “I congratulate Governor Hochul on today’s announcement.”

New York City residents can expect to receive their benefits through their existing electronic benefit transfer cards between August 15 and 19. New Yorkers outside the five boroughs are expected to receive the additional benefits between August 16 and August 29.

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