How Brock Lesnar would work in AEW

There was a brief moment in early 2021 when AEW teased a huge Hall of Fame-worthy debut during their Revolution PPV. Some fans pondered the idea that then-free agent Brock Lesnar could have been the name AEW was bringing. Considering their recent big-money names such as Bryan Danielson, CM Punk and Sting, all entering the business in the past couple of years, it was possible for some that Tony Khan would splash Lesnar.

Kofi v Lesnar Smackdown 2019 Cropped

The question of “how” Lesnar would work in AEW could be immediately eradicated by saying that he “would not work” at any company other than WWE (and his move to NJPW could be clear proof of that, too). However, it’s always fun to ask the question and wonder how, in a fantastic booking area, Lesnar would perform in AEW.


Lesnar would undoubtedly be a part-time worker

With the likely money Brock Lesnar would earn from his limited WWE schedule, Lesnar would remain part-time. While the AEW stars have a treadmill work date system, with several talents taking a few weeks off here and there, many are still featured on TV regularly, whether in post-game antics. or interviews. Lesnar, on the other hand, would not be a Sting-esque talent where, despite games spaced out over periods of time, he would appear on TV most weeks. It would just be too expensive.

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The best course of action for AEW would be to keep Lesnar for a year or two, but crush as many appearances as they can afford in a tighter amount of time. Over the past few years, Lesnar has actually competed more than some realize. In 2017, for example, he led several house-show circuits as a universal champion, often participating in B-show PPVs. Therefore, it would be reasonable to suggest that Lesnar could appear multiple times over the course of a calendar year.

Brock Lesnar Universal Champion

Kenny Omega and Brock Lesnar are a perfect match

It has been suggested that AEW was asked not to give any surprises, as it does not capitalize on a large number of viewers. Lesnar’s first appearance shouldn’t be announced and appearing as a surprise in an episode of Dynamite would be best. There’s only one name Lesnar should face first when entering AEW, and that’s Kenny Omega. While some might argue that it would blow up the biggest game possible immediately, it would be the best way to generate interest and engage viewers.

Brock Lesnar AEW Kenny Omega

Omega is no longer AEW World Champion after losing to Hangman Page, so he would not suffer a loss and the belt would not be put on Lesnar. It would be a crucial point to have Lesnar in the business – he can in no way win the AEW World Championship. Looking at the damage that part-time champions suffered on the active WWE roster and the damage to the prestige of multiple belts, AEW’s integrity would be severely damaged by having a part-time champion.

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Lesnar and Omega would work wonderfully, as Lesnar’s recent history with smaller, punchy guys like Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles and Finn Balor is clear proof that pairing with Omega would be magical. While Omega is arguably AEW’s biggest star, Lesnar should win and keep winning until the point where someone new needs to be replaced.

Brock Lesnar Survivor Series AJ Styles Daniel Bryan

There are a lot of dream matches in AEW for Lesnar

Without Paul Heyman by his side, Lesnar would gain immensely from being able to express his personality – something that was offered to him in a recent screenplay with Roman Reigns, to great effect, and it would work in many different storylines.

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After Omega, Jon Moxley is expected to be someone to take on The Beast on the next PPV, building on their past feud, in which Moxley was unhappy with how their match went. With proper planning and discussion, Moxley and Lesnar could produce a hard-hitting affair, which is no longer WWE’s “Dean Ambrose”. Lesnar should win again. One bright spot with Lesnar is his ability to go from heel to face just being himself, and his opponent being who they are, so it doesn’t matter which side of the fence is Moxley or Omega on.

Brock Lesnar Dean Ambrose WWE, Jon Moxley AEW

There are an endless amount of dream matches when it comes to Lesnar and the AEW roster, but if he was there, working with smaller guys to get the most out of his way of working would be beneficial. Working while losing with Lesnar would be very advantageous for Jungle Boy, Sammy Guevara or Darby Allin.

Lesnar should put someone in his place, then go

Lesnar would undoubtedly bring in a lot of publicity and money for the company, but if he was there it shouldn’t be for long. The longer he stays, the more likely he is to fight for the world title, especially if he has multiple wins. Therefore, seeing him ultimately lose, never to be seen again, would be a huge problem for a new and young star – and who should it be? One name that immediately comes to mind is Wardlow. He’s a time bomb to propel the card at one point, as a monster heel or badass babyface, so being the man who will finally defeat Lesnar, with him leaving the company for good, would make him an instant star. .

Wardlow AEW

Not letting Lesnar get past his welcome would allow the rest of AEW’s talent to keep their place, to benefit from working with someone like him, and the company would be even more legitimized. Even if he went back to WWE or whatever after that, people would still be talking about AEW. In a fantasy world, it would be great if handled well, and it would certainly work if used with care, but now that he’s back in WWE, the mix of Lesnar and AEW will likely be a forever one. fantasy.

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