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The Lied Center for Performing Arts is only expected to be filled with laughter later this week.

On Thursday, Larry the Cable Guy from Nebraska will be giving his first show at the Lied Center for his “Remain Seated” tour. The show will start at 7:00 p.m. and 100% of ticket proceeds will be donated to the Lied.

Bill Stephan, executive director of The Lied, said Larry had reached out to organize the event in order to help the Lied Center financially, especially with the pandemic-related difficulties that have occurred.

According to Stephan, when the pandemic struck in March 2020, the Lied Center stopped doing live performances. Due to the cessation of live performances, the Lied Center lost a lot of funds usually from ticket sales.

“It’s important to support the arts at this time,” Stephan said. “Ticket sales have been drastically reduced due to the pandemic. It’s certainly a tough time as ticket sales cover half of the Lied Center’s budget. So his contribution helps us make sure that we can continue to deliver performance. “

Stephan said Larry’s performance will bring joy to the Lied Center. Since Larry is from Nebraska, Stephan believes he will identify with the public and Larry’s jokes will resonate with the Nebraskans who find themselves sitting in the seats of the Lied Center.

“There’s going to be a lot of laughs at the Lied Center,” Stephan said. “He’s got a lot of great new material that’s being played live for the first time, including his new Walmart comedy routine that talks about the kinds of things you can see at Walmart at midnight. It’s pretty hilarious. “

Stephan said he expects there will be a large turnout at the event on Thursday. He’s seen the local crowd attend Larry’s events in the past and expects the same this week. Although he expects this to be a big event, there are still tickets available for last minute attendees.

“Larry the Cable Guy is very popular,” Stephan said. “He performed in front of large crowds at Pinnacle Bank Arena, and he even performed at Memorial Stadium a few years ago. He has a very large number of followers; people love his comedy. We expect people to come and watch our show at the Lied. “

Students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln are encouraged to attend Larry’s comedy show this Thursday. Students can use the code HUSKERLARRY to get $ 25 tickets on the Lied Center website. Due to the current mandate of masks in Lancaster County, all participants will be required to wear a mask throughout the show.

According to Stephan, Larry’s performance will be a special night for everyone at the Lied Center.

“It’s really special for all of us that we have one of the best performers in Nebraska at the Lied Center,” Stephan said. “It’s also very special that he gives of his time and his talent. It means a lot to us that he cares so much about the Lied Center, the UNL students and the community that he wants to make sure the Lied Center is successful in the future.

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