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On Sunday February 21, the Clay Cooper Theater in Branson is hosting a live concert and auction fundraiser for longtime Branson area resident and veteran Brenda Meadows.

An Army Veteran, USO Entertainer, Mom, Sister, Wife, Veterans Activist and Chair of the Branson Veterans Task Force, Brenda and her husband Marshall have been part of the Branson area community for many years.

Brenda was exposed to Agent Orange as a USO facilitator in Vietnam, and then again where she was stationed in the US Army, Brenda was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. She had undergone chemotherapy and intense prescribed treatments for several years, but was recently told the chemo and treatments were no longer working, according to Brenda’s daughter, Meredith Meadows.

“They haven’t worked and haven’t worked for several months and this has made her condition worse. So her doctor suggested an alternative treatment because of the success rate, but the insurance won’t cover it and the VA won’t cover it either, because it’s not FDA approved, ”Meredith said. “The VA won’t approve anything if it’s not approved by the FDA, because it’s a government program. So it will have to be out of his pocket.

When people first started hearing about Brenda’s situation, Meredith said people like Clay Cooper, The Haygoods and Pat Veech suggested holding a benefit show and auction to raise funds for the treatment. by Brenda.

The benefit concert at the Clay Cooper Theater in Branson begins at 3 p.m. on Sunday. The show will feature performances by Clay Cooper, Jason and Desta Pritchett, Dean Z, Matt Gumm, The Haygoods and Krista Meadows. Tickets for the show are a suggested donation of $ 20 or more at the box office. No advance tickets are sold for the benefit concert and will only be available for purchase at the Clay Cooper Theater on the day of the show.

For those who cannot attend the show in person, Meredith said they can always donate to see the show via the live stream they will have during the concert.

“The show starts at 3 pm. It’s a 90 minute show. Live streaming is available, ”Meredith said. “To get the live link you have to pay the $ 20 and then you can watch the show. Just because of COVID-19 and because of the weather, we just thought it would be necessary. “

Ahead of Sunday’s benefit show, Meredith announced that they will be hosting an in-person silent auction from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at the Clay Cooper Theater. They also run an online Facebook auction where people can go online and place bids for items until 1 p.m. on Sunday.

“In the auction we had items donated by the Clay Cooper Theater, Tony Orlando, Table Rock Marina… Imax donated stuff, the Branson Chamber donated stuff, the Cox family, the Branson Center Stage (and many others). It’s just an outpouring of the community. We have just been extremely blessed and very touched by the response people have received, ”said Meredith. “Our friends, family members, the Table Rock community, the Branson community and even the greater Springfield area, they have just been a great support. Especially like the religious community. Even some people in churches and in the ministry shared the information and prayed for us. We appreciate these prayers.

Meredith added that the support the family has received from the community has at times been overwhelming.

“I just want to thank you for all the support we have received from the community. I can’t even tell you. Her condition has worsened over the past few months and we didn’t know how we were going to go about it, ”Meredith said. “I mean God is so good and Branson has been so good and the people in this community have been so good. As soon as they discover the advantage, they just give their time, effort and donation. We just can’t stop crying.

Reflecting on the outpouring of love from people over the past few weeks, Meredith said her mother was very grateful.

“She was brought to tears a few times as well. I just think she’s sown so much in this community, because she doesn’t expect anything in return, just because she loves people and loves the lord. I said to her, ‘Mom, you have been sowing good seeds for many years and now you are just starting to reap the harvest,’ ”said Meredith. “She did everything in her power, if someone was doing a fundraiser or something like that and needed to raise money for medical expenses or for veterans or whatever, she was working. relentlessly, without pay and without expecting anything in return. Just to help… She said to me: ‘Why are they doing this for me? Why are they helping me? ‘ I said, ‘Mom, they just love you, because you’ve been there for them.’ “

To purchase tickets for the live event, visit www.itickets.com/events/451663.html. The show will also be archived and available to watch for two weeks after the show, for those who would prefer to get tickets to watch the show later.

Facebook online auction items can be found and bid on by visiting fb.me/e/15ZoPIzyU. Additional information about the benefit concert and auction, as well as an online Facebook fundraiser and alternative donation methods can be found by visiting facebook.com/events/474557483699640.

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