McIntosh’s Boundary Road hosts a benefit show in Cornwall for Cooper


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You can go home even twice in a month.

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And for recording artist John McIntosh, it’s a trip from Toronto to his hometown that he feels he needs to do.

John McIntosh’s Boundary Road will be giving a benefit concert in Cornwall on August 21, details still being finalized, and in support of a close friend of his who is in the fight of a lifetime.

Gary Cooper, who grew up with McIntosh in the Monkland area, was recently diagnosed with a rare and advanced form of lung cancer; McIntosh spearheaded #CoopStrong, and when he learned of the situation and the thousands of dollars in monthly medical bills, he decided to do a benefit show, tentatively scheduled for Optimist Park.

“I have been fortunate enough to have a great musical career, but it’s nothing to me if I can’t help a friend of mine who is sick,” McIntosh said. “One hundred percent (of the proceeds) will go to Gary.”

McIntosh performed in Cornwall at Lion’s Club three weeks ago, the musical headliner of the Ribfest.

He has been based in Toronto for 30 years and was part of the rock band Wasteland in the 1990s. McIntosh has become a well-known songwriter in the industry.

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But earlier this year, McIntosh came out of retirement as a singer, bonding with Cornwall’s Pete Nichol, and their debut single as a country duo Boundary Road, titled This is Going Down, climbed the charts of several major metropolitan cities in North America, including Los Angeles and Toronto.

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The duo shot two videos in the Summerstown area, including for Maybe He’s Right this summer, but soon after there was a big change of course for Boundary Road: Nichol, who lives in Long Sault, decided to quit. the project to spend more time with his family.

So the name has changed slightly to John McIntosh’s Boundary Road, and he plans to write songs, have artists join him on projects from time to time, and have “recruited guns.” for live performances, musicians joining him on stage, as was the case. for a well-received and energetic performance at Cornwall Ribfest.

Nichol in a social media post announcing his decision to leave Boundary Road wrote that “it was an amazing experience, from videos to songs ranking in places I never imagined I could. . .John is an amazing guy (the energizing bunny) he can go from 0 to 100 in a second. (He’s) a great friend, an incredible producer, a singer-songwriter. He will continue with Boundary Road, I know he will do great things because that is what he does!

McIntosh in a post said it was “an absolute pleasure to have Peter involved this far on the journey. He’s a very talented guy and we had a blast! . . Lots of new things on the horizon for Boundary Road, stay tuned. “

Details of the #CoopStrong concert are expected to be released shortly.

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