Meet Maestro integrates with more wireless timing systems


Courtesy of SwimTopia, a partner of SwimSwam.

Meet Maestro, SwimTopia’s modern and intuitive meet software, has been designed for use with the timing system chosen by the meet organizer. The goal is to give teams great choices about how they come together, allowing them to choose the system that fits their budget and their team culture. SwimTopia strives to add integration with all major timing systems to Meet Maestro, so that the same easy-to-use software can be used to run neighborhood doubles and championship matches in large natatoriums. Adding new integrations as new systems come to market also gives Meet Maestro customers the benefit of accessing the latest advancements in timing systems.

Wireless sync integration with Meet Maestro saves time, reduces errors and delivers instant results

Currently, Meet Maestro works with regular timers as well as a selection of wireless timing options. Choosing a wireless timing system to pair with Meet Maestro dramatically reduces the effort required to set up a meeting and manage data. By transferring all timing data wirelessly, these systems improve accuracy and reduce the workload of meet operators. With wireless synchronization, IT representatives no longer need to manually enter data except for minor corrections and disqualifications. And timers don’t need to write anything down.

With instant data synchronization from wireless systems, Meet Maestro’s companion mobile app, SwimTopia Mobile, is able to display the results in real time for the spectators. SwimTopia Mobile also updates all disqualifications, overall places, points and match scores once the results for each event have been completed.

Integration with SwimTopia Mobile to broadcast the current event and heat

When paired with one of the wireless timing systems that Meet Maestro integrates with, the software is able to stream the current event and heat to SwimTopia Mobile’s live event / heat tracker. SwimTopia mobile displays the current event and heat while swimming, which is invaluable if volunteers cannot see the pool from their position, or if parents are at home with siblings trying to time their arrival at the pool. When Meet Maestro works with a wireless timing system, it is no longer necessary for a volunteer to manually update the live event / heat tracker as the information is streamed to Meet Maestro directly from the monitoring system. start-up.

Along with up-to-date event and heat information, SwimTopia Mobile also dynamically updates estimated start times for each event and displays this information on the app, while providing viewers with the option to receive reminders from swimming ahead.

Meet Maestro offers integration with multiple wireless sync options

CTS Dolphin Wireless Stopwatches

The CTS Dauphin System provides wireless stopwatches to synchronize time data with Meet Maestro. SwimTopia worked with the designers of the Dolphin system to create an improved integration between the timing system and the competition software.

  • Meet Maestro now publishes all event details to the Dolphin system, improving the event and heat information displayed in the Dolphin software and on all attached dashboards.
  • When the Dolphin operator marks the tracks as “no show” or “disqualified”, the NS and DQ information is automatically imported into Meet Maestro.
  • There is a new configurable data directory in Dolphin, making network sharing easier.

Wylas timing system

Wylas timing, an Australian company, offers an innovative, fully wireless timing system that includes interactive phone-based stopwatches and a wireless start unit.

  • Wylas timing units automatically start with the starting pistol and display the event, race and swimmer’s name, so there is nothing for the timekeeper to do other than stop the watch at the end of the race.
  • The 7-hour battery life means phone-based timers last a long time for most recreational gatherings.
  • Wylas offers an affordable multi-channel swim dashboard and allows teams to turn any TV, screen or LED wall into a dashboard and instantly view race times and results wirelessly.
  • The Wylas system also supports wireless integration with additional vendor touchpads, dashboards and starter units via optional adapters.
  • The Wylas Recorder software runs the timing functionality from the same laptop or separate laptops as Meet Maestro.

Swimming time drop time

Drops of time, a newly developed timing system that worked seamlessly with Meet Maestro during beta during the 2021 summer season, uses small wireless buttons that only require one push to stop.

  • The wireless buttons are pushed when the swimmer touches the wall. There is nothing to configure, reset or erase.
  • The Time Drops Starter Adapter works with common swim starter systems from major suppliers, or an additional button can be used to start the run.
  • The entire system is controlled with an easy-to-use touchscreen interface from a tablet. The tablet works wirelessly and is purchased separately.
  • Time Drops offers dashboard adapters and the ability to convert a TV to a live dashboard.

Sync Meet Maestro with any wireless timing system for improved efficiency

With a fresh and modern interface that can be run on any computer, Meet Maestro is revolutionizing the way swimming competitions are conducted. When paired with a wireless timing system, running swimming competitions are even easier and more efficient. By providing seamless integration with more timing systems, Meet Maestro will continue to improve the meet day experience.

SwimTopia has more timing integrations in the pipeline for Meet Maestro, with CTS touchpad integration in beta and collaboration with other timing providers already underway. Stay tuned for more timing system integration announcements to come!

Courtesy of SwimmingTopia, a partner of SwimSwam

On SwimmingTopia & Meet Maestro: Launched in 2011 with a focus on ease of use and exceptional support, SwimTopia helps summer and high school swim teams save time and increase fundraising with an intuitive software platform based on the cloud providing web content management, e-commerce, online registration, volunteer coordination, team communications, online swimming competition registrations, and more. Meet Maestro is SwimTopia’s online dating management platform that works on any computer. Meet Maestro’s modern interface is intuitive and easy to learn, giving you the flexibility to organize your meetings the way you want. Meet Maestro is included with every SwimTopia account or can be used separately. SwimTopia is the flagship product of Austin-based Team Topia Inc.

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