Miami Dade College Named National Finalist for 2022 Excelencia Award

Miami, August 23, 2022 – Miami Dade College (MDC) was appointed Examples of 2022 finalist excellence honor for his Connect4Success program (C4S), a collaboration with Florida International University (FIU) to establish a guided transfer pathway that facilitates the admission of MDC graduates with an Associate of Arts degree to FIU bachelor’s degree programs. Last year, MDC received the prestigious seal of excellence.

C4S was established in 2006 as a dual degree program with approximately 70% of MDC Associates of Arts graduates transferring to CRF with the goal of completing a bachelor’s degree program. The program offers comprehensive services starting with full onboarding. Students are assigned an advisor who guides them from application to registration. Counselors serve as liaisons to key holistic support services such as learning resources, student life, one-stop shopping, and mental health counselling. Students benefit from appreciative guidance, numerous extracurricular opportunities, and career and transfer workshops.

For 17 years, excellence in Education has identified, grouped, and promoted evidence-based practice creation environments where Latino students can thrive. By demonstrating success in intentionally serving Latino students, these programs, Examples of Excelencia Finalists, are the foundation for positive change at their institutions.

excellence responds to the national call to identify and invest in evidence-based practices that improve college completion,” said Deborah Santiago, co-founder and CEO of excellence in education. “These 20 programs are evidence-based examples led by practitioners working directly with students and the community who go beyond enrollment to intentionally serve students on their journey to graduation. “

This year, excellence received 93 submissions from programs representing 17 states, DC and Puerto Rico. The 20 finalists will be featured online as well as in Excelencia Growing What Works Database – the only searchable national online database for institutional leaders, funders and policy makers interested in identifying what works for Latino students. Winners will be announced Thursday, September 29 in Washington DC

About excellence in education

excellence in Education accelerates Latino student success in higher education by promoting Latino student success, conducting analysis to inform educational policy, and advancing institutional practice while collaborating with those who are committed and ready to fulfill the assignment. He has published more than 100 analyses, highlighted more than 385 programs across the country to advance effective, evidence-based practices, and distributed more than $2 million to promote programs that produce results for Latino students. . Launched in 2004 in the nation’s capital, excellence established a network of results-oriented educators and policymakers to meet the needs of the U.S. economy for highly skilled labor and engaged civic leaders. For more information, visit:

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