Monadnock Ledger-Transcript – Letter: We need campaign finance reform

Published: 05/24/2022 10:39:20

A May 6 donation request letter from U.S. Senator Maggie Hassan said, “We just learned that Mitch McConnell’s super PAC plans to spend $141 million to tip the Senate into the red.” A third of the Senate is up for election; therefore, that money alone is over $4 million per candidate. A typical senator who is not in a special category earns about $1.2 million over six years in office.

Senator Orrin Hatch invested around $10 million in his 2012 run, earning $174,000 in salary. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy raised $31.5 million in the first quarter of 2022. Several years ago, U.S. Representative Annie Kuster raised $3 million for her campaign. She was criticized for leaving the state for money, but as she said, New Hampshire is so small that you have to go out of state to have the money to run for office. .

It’s time to reform campaign finance. Someone other than the media is making money from political races. Money is spent to get favors and bills passed for the benefit of donors, and lobbyists will be granted the ear of politicians. It is time to stop the financial influence of foreigners on our elected politicians and their work which is supposed to be for our benefit.

This is inconceivable considering the huge amount of money needed to run for political office, but the pay is little compared to getting there. We know that the little man or woman has a small chance of climbing the political ladder without being backed by a lot of money. Ordinary citizens are urged to continue donating our funds so that candidates can run for office. Each election increases in financial cost; how long can this process continue until we all fail?

Catherine Allen


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