Murray Elementary Begins School Year with Newly Built Classrooms, Offices and Facilities | New

All phases of the project are estimated at $57.5 million. The additions are funded by Measure H, a $283 million bond that DUSD voters passed in 2016 to help local schools deal with overcrowding or aging equipment. Other schools in the district will also benefit from the measure and see additional construction updates, including Emerald High School and Frederiksen Elementary School.

“As these sites are upgraded, the impact is significant. Our staff, who worked for years in an aging facility, are feeling the appreciation associated with the investment,” Dehnert said. “They are now teaching in modern classrooms designed for 21st century education. Happier staff teaching in modern classrooms will provide a higher quality education for our students.”

Families visit the redeveloped Murray Primary School on opening day this month. (Photo courtesy DUSD)

According to Dehnert, Murray Elementary started the new school year with more than 47,000 square feet of new additions. These include 32 classrooms for K-5 students and staff, four offices (counsellor, psychologist, English language development, speech pathology), five staff work rooms and several new bathrooms .

Classrooms built in Phase 1 feature updated lighting and blinds, high-efficiency all-electric heat pump HVAC units with energy management system ventilation controls and daylight windows.

Dehnert noted the many benefits new school building plans can have over an area that goes beyond the specific campus.

“From a community perspective, the benefits of having a brand new school include greater pride in one’s community, confidence in the facilities local children will attend, and improved property value,” he said. told the Weekly. “From a recruitment perspective, in a difficult time to attract teachers, modern classrooms are also an advantage.”

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The newly refurbished classrooms at Murray Primary School in Dublin are open for the school year. (Photo courtesy DUSD)

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