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TR PHOTOS BY SUSANNA MEYER – Kim Jass-Ramirez, left, the current senior director of programs and facilities at the Marshalltown Y, is expected to take the reins as CEO in January 2023 once current CEO Carol Hibbs, in right, will retire at the end of December after 27 years.

After nearly 27 years of dedicated service to the YMCA-YWCA of Marshalltown, CEO Carol Hibbs will retire at the end of December, and Kim Jass-Ramirez, the current Senior Director of Programs and Facilities, will take the reins in early January.

“I really feel like I’ve had a good career at the Y. I’ve been grateful to be able to serve at the Y, I love the work and the people I work with and I love working in the community, so all of that has been fantastic over the years,” Hibbs said. “I’m ready to leave the Y and focus on other things.”

Hibbs said being able to have a positive impact on her community over the years has been one of the highlights of her career and being able to interact with community members, volunteers and staff on a daily basis, although she will miss her. has no doubt that she leaves the organization in good hands.

Although Hibbs is stepping away from the Y, she hopes to serve the community in another capacity by running for Marshall County Supervisor. The outcome of the upcoming election will have a big impact on her retirement plans, but whether elected or not, she is grateful to have had the opportunity to serve her community.

“Serving others has always been part of what I consider important in life. I think it’s a way for all of us to give back to the community, and I think it’s important that we leave this world better than we found it,” Hibbs said. “One of the reasons I love this job is that I got the chance to really help this organization meet the needs of our community.

A nationwide search was conducted to find a successor to Hibbs, but the board found that the most qualified candidate was already working at Marshalltown Y. Jass-Ramirez has been on the team here for six years. , and she couldn’t be happier to take on the new challenge.

“It’s really an honor, really. This organization has been here for over 140 years, and so to be part of such an old organization here in the community and one that is so well known and respected, not only the organization but also following in the footsteps of Carol, who has been a tremendous leader in the community. It’s just a real honor to be chosen,” said Jass-Ramirez.

Jass-Ramirez has a career with the organization that spans over 21 years, and before coming to Marshalltown, she worked for the Cedar Rapids YMCA and the Kishwaukee and McGaw YMCAs, both in the Illinois. More than two decades of experience with the Y gives Jass-Ramirez a good knowledge base, and she believes it will ease the transition to CEO.

In addition to all the experience gained over the years, Jass-Ramirez also believes that her experience as Senior Director of Programs and Facilities will be beneficial as she transitions into her new role.

“It’s a real advantage to have that knowledge and experience,” she said. “I know a lot of people call it the new Y, and it’s still a new Y, but it’s coming soon in 20 years. And so there are some things that we had to take care of, just to make sure that we maintain it, so just having knowledge of how this building works and what we’ve done in the past (is beneficial). ”

Over the next three months, Jass-Ramirez will work alongside Hibbs as well as the Y’s Board of Directors to become familiar with the new role and learn the ins and outs of being CEO. Hibbs is eager to share his knowledge with her.

“Having been with this organization for almost 27 years, there is a lot of information that needs to be shared,” Hibbs said. “Although Kim has already worked here for a good number of years, there are just certain things that you do as CEO that you know that no one else on staff really knows. And so my plan has always been to work with Kim, or work with a successor, so Kim, over the next few months here to make sure we have a smooth transition.

Jass-Ramirez is excited to work with the Board over the coming months and beyond as the leadership transition takes place, and looks forward to working with the Board to develop a new plan. strategic for the Y.

The Y typically operates on a new strategic plan every three to five years, and around the time COVID hit, they had completed their most recent plan. Jass-Ramirez and the board will reevaluate it in the new year.


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