PeopleCaddie uses AI to connect contractors to new gigs

As flexibility has become non-negotiable for a post-COVID workforce, some workers are abandoning 9 to 5 in favor of contract and freelance work, which can offer more freedom (and often more income). But in a tough talent market, this has created an additional challenge for employers: how can we find and hire contract workers – and quickly?

Startup PeopleCaddie created an app in 2018 that empowers highly skilled entrepreneurs like software engineers and developers to find temporary work. In the wake of the pandemic, they rolled out a new suite of features to further accommodate the growing industry of entrepreneurs, who can now create their profiles, set availability and control their data to share their skills with employers. potentials and seek targeted opportunities – without constantly hustling or raising awareness.

The goal, according to the platform’s CTO, Tim Rowley, is to disrupt the way industries view traditional ways of recruiting and use technology to make hiring more flexible and efficient.

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“Offices all over the country have armies of recruiters constantly contacting contractors, mostly by phone and email,” he says. “And in contracting, speed is extremely important, especially when clients are looking for contractors with very unique skill sets.”

Organizations are expanding their use of casual workers to maintain more flexibility in workforce management post-COVID-19, according to data from consulting firm Gartner. Thirty-two percent are replacing full-time employees with on-demand workers to cut costs.

To fill this influx of short-term positions, employers will need to act quickly and likely won’t have time to collect or sift through thousands of traditional job applications. The same problem applies to entrepreneurs looking for these jobs, and often the algorithms of traditional recruitment platforms do not respond to their search.

“Traditionally, the companies that can identify talent the fastest and reach out to them win that opportunity,” says Rowley. “By leveraging technology, we could do a much better job of not only identifying and matching resources, but also connecting and communicating with those people in a much more efficient way as well.”

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With PeopleCaddie, contractors are matched via AI with a shortlist of vendors who typically need the skills and services they have listed on their profiles. This reduces the search and hiring timeline to days and weeks rather than months. PeopleCaddie will also notify an entrepreneur or business when a new opportunity is available either way.

younger, more tech-savvy candidates are beginning to enter the workforce, Rowley expects this new method of hiring to persist.

“When you look at millennials and Gen Z, their primary way of interacting with the world is through their smartphones — that’s how they want to find their jobs,” he says. “Provide them an optimized mobile experience really responds to how they want to find a job.

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