PG man forced to mail information as BC recovery benefit system fails



Ashfield felt helpless, and after he couldn’t reach the phone, he decided to send his information needed to complete his application by mail, even though he had already sent it online.

“I didn’t understand what more they could have needed,” says Ashfield. “They wanted everything I had already sent them on the online form.”

The British Columbia Ministry of Finance has said it apologizes for the breakdown of its phone lines on December 21 and it should now be operational.

We apologize to those who experienced delays with phone lines caused by a nationwide outage on December 21. The issues with the servers have been resolved and call center agents are available to assist British Columbians with their BC Recovery Benefit request between 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. The fastest way to receive the BC Recovery Benefit is to apply online. – British Columbia Ministry of Finance

Ashfield wants to warn others that the process may not be as easy as they think.

The ministry says any information sent by mail must be reviewed manually, which means it could take longer than if it had been done online.

Ashfield says he tried all the options he could and that mailing was a last resort.

“I’m not going to starve or go broke because I don’t have it yet, but I’m just saying it would have been nice,” Ashfield said. “I didn’t ask for it, they said they would give it away.”

There is no known date on which Ashfield could successfully receive his allowance according to the Department of Finance.


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