Ryder Cup, a first benefit for the city of Rome

As expected, the Roman Ryder Cup scheduled for the Marco Simone from September 29 to October 1, 2023 is already beginning to bring the first benefits to the city of Rome and especially to its surroundings. Last Monday, in fact, two construction sites between the capital and Guidonia were inaugurated as part of traffic-related projects precisely in anticipation of the golf event: in all, these are 75 million euros of investment allocated by the Region Lazio and approved with a resolution of the Council of the same Region in 2020.

Ryder Cup, Roma 2023

“These are investments for viability that will remain, since there was not in this quadrant of the city, from the milk factory to an urban and extra-urban area of ​​​​the municipality of Guidonia Montecelio, which often suffers from ‘an urban development without nearby infrastructure that recognizes this growth.

In this case, the investment made for a major world-class sporting event is also an excellent opportunity to improve the quality of life of citizens”, explained Nicola Zingaretti, president of the Lazio region, who was present at the construction sites. with the only administrator.

of Astral, Antonio Mallamo and the Advisor to the Advisor for Public Works and Protection of the Territory, Mobility of the Lazio Region, Mauro Alessandri. “We want to guarantee the holding of one of the most important sports competitions on the planet, by intervening in certain infrastructural emergencies.

To date, 11 million of the planned works are in progress, contextual works for the development of the event. This result is the result of the adequacy of the tools with which we have met this challenge, ”said instead Mauro Alessandri, adviser for public works and protection of the territory, Mobility of the Lazio region.

On Monday, President Zingaretti cut the ribbon for the aforementioned new construction sites, adding: “These are public works that have a double meaning: to be close to the major world-class events in which we have always believed and which have a absolute for the Italian recovery and which, if we work well, are also great opportunities for the territories “

With a view to the Ryder Cup, there is also work to double Via Tiburtina, which is progressing at a steady pace.

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