Scores Benefit Sandals Resorts Labor Day Activities

Sandals Negril Landscaping Supervisor Neressa Haughton (centre) was delighted to pass on her gardening knowledge to Kendal Primary School pupils Tianna Brown (left) and Keitha Stewart.

Almost 200 volunteers from Sandals and Beaches Resorts, in keeping with this year’s Labor Day theme “Reigniting a Nation for Greatness”, ventured into towns and districts across Jamaica to carry out community development aid projects .

Initiatives undertaken included the creation of recreational areas, the painting and soft upgrading of buildings and many other renovation activities, with the aim of having a positive impact on schools, hospitals, police stations and the dozens of community residents they serve.

Armed with tools, 40 team members from Sandals and Beaches Negril set out to create a peace garden for students at Kendal Elementary School in Hannover.

Dedicated to designing a space outside the classroom where students can relax, study, socialize and participate in outdoor class sessions; the group of workers planted trees, flowers, installed benches and painted the exterior wall of the newly constructed garden and several classrooms in the school.

A number of school students, who were on hand to help bring the project to life, were also trained by the Sandals and Beaches Negril landscaping teams on how they too could improve and maintain green spaces.

“Today I learned how to take a plant out of its pot and replant it in the ground. It was fun learning how to properly dig the ground and how to use the shovel to make sure the plant was safe,” said third-grade student Jayden Brown.

Kendal Primary School Principal Karlene Wallace was delighted with the work done by the Negril team.

“We were thrilled to have Sandals and Beaches Negril here with us leading this project. They planted flowers, fruit trees and gave the school a facelift. very humid so it was a much needed space for the students to sit and socialize and even take lessons.

In Westmoreland, approximately 35 Sandals South Coast volunteers and 10 members of the police force joined their hearts and efforts to carry out the Labor Day 2022 mission “Mek Jamaica Cris and Clean” by sprucing up the Westmoreland Police Station. Bluefields.

The undertaking began two days prior, with the station’s engineering team carrying out preparatory work to include the high-pressure washing of the facility. Labor Day saw the entire team of volunteers paint the exterior of the building, the patio and the reception areas in vibrant blue and white.

A follow-up visit will see further work to include repairing walls and restoring railings as well as refurbishing office furniture.

According to District Sergeant Kadine Berry, Station Chief of the Bluefields Police Station, “In preparation for Labor Day 2022, we spent some time trying to think about what project we could undertake in line with the mission of this year. We didn’t have to think too long as we got a welcome call from the Sandals South Coast team offering a facelift for our resort.

Sandals South Coast volunteers Vanessa Williams (centre) and Evernie Taylor (background) paint the front door of Bluefields Police Station.

“We’ve needed some improvements for a while now so it was like prayers answered and at the end of the day we really feel ‘criss and clean’. It warmed my heart to see the the collaborative work of the Sandals team as well as the police stationed here coming together to carry out this task.We are truly grateful.

In the Ocho Rios area, more than 70 team members from Sandals Ochi Beach Resort, Sandals Royal Plantation and Beaches Ocho Rios visited St Ann’s Bay Hospital for their ‘Labour of Love’ project.

The team impacted the health facility with much-needed landscaping, painting and providing volunteers for the parish’s major blood drive.

The hospital’s chief executive, Dennis Morgan, praised the team and the tasks they had accomplished.

“The hospital has received a much-needed facelift with painting inside and outside the main administration building as well as the adjoining building, but volunteers have also created a scenic green space for those we serve as well as the staff here,” says Morgane.

“Being able to see the three station team don the paint suit, till the ground, beautify the facility with evergreens and donate blood to our blood drive was a Herculean effort on the part of management and staff at Sandals and Beaches resorts.

“The landscaping work done by the team is something that was badly needed and it will help enhance the beauty of the facility as well as add to the aesthetics of the hospital,” added Morgan.

Not to be outdone, dozens of team members from Sandals Resorts in the Montego Bay area joined in sprucing up Central Basic School in Norwood St James. The team managed to give the grounds, classrooms and amenities a much-deserved makeover thanks to the great gratitude of the school principal, Esmine Richards-Peterkin.

“I am extremely pleased that Sandals continued to help us, the conditions were really poor due to COVID-19 and less than ideal for face-to-face learning. Sandals has always been there for us; from donating our roof many years ago to helping us today on Labor Day,” Richards-Peterkin said, saying the school community appreciates the effort.

Sandals Montego Bay Hotel Manager Anna-Kay Wholas was thrilled with the Labor Day activity in the area.

“We are really pleased with the outcome of all of our community projects. Today was only a fraction of our community involvement and we intend to continue to play our part in the development of our communities. At Sandals, we are committed to improving our communities, and that was highlighted today – teamwork really makes the dream work,” Wholas said.

Gary Holgate, Hotel Manager of Sandals Ochi Beach Resort, shows off his skills painting the door jamb of the administration block at St Ann’s Bay General Hospital.

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