Second District congressional candidates agree no student loans will be repaid

Representative Ashley Hinson. (photo RI)

Iowa Congresswoman Ashley Hinson, a Republican from Marion, is fighting the Biden administration’s plan to forgive student loan debt. Hinson says about 13% of the US population would benefit at the expense of the remaining 87%.

“That would be paid for by those who chose not to go to college or those who have already worked hard to pay off their loans and didn’t have any,” Hinson says. “It’s just not fair to ask truckers, linemen, bartenders, electricians and plumbers to pay for someone else’s degree.”

She says it’s a key talking point among residents in her district. “I hear these questions and concerns all over the district all the time. So instead of supporting and promoting career paths to high-paying jobs and professions, the Biden administration is essentially saying to those hard-working Americans, Hey, you made the wrong choice. And now you have to pay for everyone to go to school,” according to Hinson. “American families worry about many other things. They are afraid to pay for gas and groceries, but we want to force them to pay for someone else’s degree.

Hinson is a co-sponsor of the Student Loan Accountability Act that would bar the administration from forgiving outstanding student loans. Hinson says her parents saved money for years and she got scholarships, so she was able to go to school and graduate debt-free.

Liz Mathis. (Photo by the Mathis campaign)

Hinson’s Democratic opponent in November, State Sen. Liz Mathis of Hiawatha, agrees that student loans should not be forgiven. Mathis told the Cedar Rapids Gazette that she used student loans, as did her children, to go to college.

Mathis said in a statement. “The cost of higher education is far too high and we need to do more to train people for the good paying jobs we need to fill here in Iowa. I worked in the State Senate to reduce the cost of college education and increasing access to job training.This proposal from the Biden administration does not solve any problem.More indiscriminate spending is not a solution.

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