Study examines long-term benefits of bariatric surgery in teens

DORAL, Florida. – A landmark study of the outcomes of bariatric surgery in adolescents reveals positive results.

Dr. Nester de la Cruz-Munoz, chief of bariatric surgery at UHealth, was lead author on the study, which looked at patients they had lost contact with.

These are patients who had undergone surgery 15 years ago, and some even longer.

“These data show they were doing incredibly well. We always assumed that the patients we lost follow-up were worse than the ones we followed in the office, but then we found out that wasn’t true – they were doing the same. Seventy-six percent of them had a total weight loss of 20 percent or more,” de la Cruz-Munoz said.

He said not only did the patients maintain their weight loss, but the study also found that any long-term complications were minor and overall the patients were much healthier than before surgery. .

Also in today’s health news, new research offers hope for people living with uncontrolled blood pressure.

The study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, showed that a new drug called Baxdrostat can significantly lower blood pressure in people who have not had success with other drugs.

About 10% of people with hypertension have resistant hypertension.

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