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I sold my house in May 2021 and rented a furnished apartment on a monthly basis until my townhouse was completed. At the end of January, I moved into my new forever home and I love it.

Unpacking, packing furniture, and packing things away are overwhelming for everyone, even professional organizers.

However, I learned that when I released some of my preconceptions of where things should live or how things should be used, I had magical results. Everything fell into place.

I have discovered, time and time again, that reinvention – a commitment to releasing attachments and reallocating possessions – builds greater self-confidence and provides new sources of emotional energy. It works so well, it’s almost like magic.

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What are the preconceived ideas about the uses of your articles?

Everyone has preconceived ideas. It’s natural.

We say to ourselves, “This bookcase or chest of drawers is used for clothes and belongs in a bedroom.”

When we release our preconceptions of how something is supposed to be used, we open up a whole realm of possibilities.

I moved a large chest of drawers into the bonus room of my new house, instead of using it for clothes.

The bottom two drawers of this dresser are extra long. Ideal for containing wrapping paper!

I decided to use this piece of furniture as my new packing station. Birthday wrapping paper went in one of the extra-long drawers and Christmas/holiday wrapping paper in the other. The tissue paper went into one of the smaller drawers, as did the ribbons.


Using this dresser as storage for wrapping paper and supplies allowed me to store those things that had been stored in a closet on shelves in my other house.

Getting out of this preconceived idea and opening my mind to other possible uses for this piece of furniture gave me a magical result.

I’m so happy to have good storage for my packing supplies and to use this lovely old dresser in a way that makes sense in this new home.

embrace change

We often get so stuck in our ways that we don’t look outside the box and imagine the possibilities. My good friend, Linda Samuels, often talks about imagining the possibilities when you embrace change.

Changing the way you do or use something so that it makes sense to you by releasing an old notion can open the door to even more magical results.

I think about the name of the company I co-created with Jonda Beattie in a whole new way.

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How do you release, reorient and reorganize?

To free

Earlier we talked about releasing your attachment to things. You’ll want to release things you no longer need, use, or love so you can spend less time caring for them and have more time for the things you want to do. .

Now I also think about releasing ideas and preconceptions. If you can learn to let go of stagnant thoughts and release them into the past, it can open up a new way of thinking.

Then you have your own “light bulb” moments that give you magical results.


I have already mentioned a way in which I have reused furniture in this new house. A huge chair and ottoman in a living room in my old house is now in my bedroom.

They’re near a window, which is the perfect place to relax and read once my house is more organized.

What can you reuse in your home?

Do you have a chair that you can move to another location? Maybe you can turn a dresser into a craft center?

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Just because a piece of furniture was once always in a particular place doesn’t mean it has to stay there forever.

Think differently about your possessions and treat yourself to unimaginable magical results.


When I was placing the furniture in my office, I tried several different schemes before deciding on the one that I absolutely love.

Several factors were important to me when organizing my office. I didn’t want to be with my back to the door. I like to see everything that happens to me. It is also important for me to have enough space to write on my desk.

I moved a table and placed it at a right angle to my desk so some things I want to access frequently are there, not on my desk.

It gives me the magical result I want. I am so happy in my new office. Coming to work at my office is such a pleasure because it is arranged in such a way as to facilitate my work.

Create that feeling for yourself when revamping any space in your home. Think about what is important to you to have in this space so you can be happy.

If you are looking to create magical results for yourself when organizing or rearranging your home, consider releasing old thoughts.

Embrace change and reuse old things with new uses. So let the magic happen!

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