Tickets for RRR benefit show at Rs 5000?

This is the shocking scenario in Hyderabad where a movie’s benefit show ticket officially reaches Rs 5000.

The government has lifted the gates of ticket price restrictions causing prices to fly above the clouds.

We are talking about the prestigious Indian film RRR which comes out this March 25th.

Sources say that around 5 theaters around Kulatpally and Moosapet area are screening the benefit shows for which the ticket price is set at Rs 5000 from now on. Distributor Dil Raju sold these shows to exhibitors at a huge price.

Adding some fees to get official permissions and also the profits, the price of Rs 5000 arrived.

The total number of tickets for a show in the 5 theaters combined is 5000. So, it is a clear bargain of Rs 2.5 Cr if all the tickets are sold at that price.

But is it practically possible? Already, fans of the two stars are making noise on social networks. They wonder how they can buy tickets at such a high price as a plane ticket to Delhi?

On the other hand, some inside sources say that this number is not the last but only to manipulate the minds of fans.

“When the price is set at Rs 5,000 and reduced dramatically in a day or two, fans would not hesitate to buy at Rs 1,000 or Rs 2,000. This is the mind game that exhibitors will play,” says an insider.

But as of now, the antennas circulate that Ram Charan and NTR will visit these five theaters during the screening of the benefit show.

Well, that is to bear the whopping price of Rs 5000.

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