Trudy Lieberman: The battle in Congress to bring down prescription drug prices


In the Following some weeks good find outside if Congress To the chops To inferior the the price of prescription medications paid through Health Insurance beneficiaries. The patients in the we To pay to mean In regards to 2.5 times Following for their medications than those in 32 other nations, according to To a to study of the RAND company published earlier this year.

Even if less Dear generic medications Account for 84 percent of medications sold in the WE, they or they Make up alone 12 percent of the from the country expenses to medications. So it’s barely surprising this Mark medications are the primary Conductors of high prescription medication prices.

You need see no further away than the recently approved medication Adulhelm To to treat Alzheimer’s sickness To understand the impact of the problem illustrated through the RAND to study, who I discussed in a previous column. This medication is projected To to bring in some $ 56 billion for to treat 1 million Alzheimer’s the patients in the first year alone. The FDA approved the medication despite serious scientist repel In regards to his efficiency. what Following, the FDA given the medication maker nine years To to do further away research To see if the medication really works.

In the in the meantime, Public expenses to medications and staff expenses of consumers keep on going To to augment.

The federal Governments hands are attached Thank you To medication industry pressure in 2003 when Congress authorized health insurance medication benefit to. The law to supply for the benefit to prohibited Health Insurance of to negotiate prices to on behalf of of beneficiaries, giving to augment To the disorder were in today.

In late 2019, the lodge of Representatives pass legislation this would have to start To to give Health Insurance some Power To to negotiate medication prices, corn the invoice went nowhere in the Senate. This year, offers legislation call for Health Insurance the price negotiations and the creation of a from your pocket cap to expenses for each Beneficiary are part of a budget reconciliation invoice this will soon to be bring up for a vote in Congress. TO this point this is not clear What will past the two bedrooms and to be sent To President Joe Biden To sign.

Given the gobble of money the medication industry is expenses, along with his hundreds of lobbyists trying To Make Of course this no negotiations will already to take place, it’s fair To to say this the road To a medication benefit to is littered with mines this can explode To all point in the legislative to treat.

“The is anybody this does not want to this To to arrive except pharmaceutical and his allies “, said Steve Knievel, a lawyer for Public Citizens Global Access To Medications Program. “The popular outrage is immense. People desperately want to medication price reform.”

A New survey only published through the Kaiser Family Foundation find a huge 83 percent of Americans Support the federal government to negotiate medication prices same after they or they understood arguments versus this. “We does not have survey to baseball, maternity, and Apple tart, corn I am not Of course they or they would have Goal a lot upper,” Larry Levitt, a executive vice President To the foundation, noted in a Tweeter.

Despite the popularity of medication the price negotiations, who passed a invoice To to allow the price negotiations is barely a cake walk. The medication industry and his allies are in full attack fashion. More the pass some month, pharmaceutical allies have summer functioning TV ads proof the medication Of the industry position. A Phone group, the Partnership for Chronic Sickness, To spent Following than $ 5 million to ads in selected States. In a a d, a Young women with cystic fibrosis recount the viewers this the sickness To summer part of her life for like long like she can remember corn New lifestyle change medication To made a fat difference. “I to wish our policy makers in Washington would have to help we struggle our sickness instead of of fight our capacity To access medications and find heals “, she said.

A proposal of members of Congress who have has received megabucks of medication manufacturers would have cap from your pocket prescription medication expenses alone “for those who need assistance more,” conservation a big section of the Marlet for industry profits. The suggestion would have fundamentally cash Health Insurance bringing this far a way of the principle of social Assurance this everyone who paid in the program wins the law To the same advantages when they or they turn 65.

Trudy Liebermann, a journalist for 40 years, is a companion To the Center for Moving forward Health. TO the Affordable Care Act impacted your family? Write To Trudy To [email protected] Send comments To [email protected]

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