What is the Texas A&M Good Bull fund?

It’s good Bull.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas – The Office of the President of Texas A&M announced the creation of the Good Bull Fund on Monday, November 7 for student organizations at Texas A&M University.

In the announcement, Texas A&M President Katherine Banks noted that “The Good Bull Fund underscores our commitment to student-led activities and supports our university goals of providing transformational education while strengthening community bonds. “.

According to the announcement, selection preference will be given to activities that take place on campus and benefit the Bryan-College Station community, support or enhance the core values ​​of Texas A&M, have a positive impact on students and the surrounding community, and are free for participants will receive preferential.

Additionally, according to Vice President of Student Affairs, BG Joe E. Ramirez, Jr., “This funding will allow student organizations and MSC committees to focus on planning their events to make an impact at Texas A&M. University, create ‘Good Bull’ opportunities for our students and reduce the need to spend time fundraising.” He also mentioned that he looks forward to seeing what will come of the Good Bull Fund.

Funding applications are currently open for student organizations to receive funding in the spring of 2023. The application window will close on November 30.

According to the announcement, a committee consisting of one staff member, one faculty member, two undergraduate students and one graduate student will review the applications. Organizations with the highest scores on the Good Bull Fund criteria will receive priority funding.

To complete a funding application, click here. Also, for more information on the funding process, criteria, and how to apply, click here.

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