You can now listen to Clubhouse conversations on the web: here’s how

Want to listen to a discussion on the Clubhouse but don’t know if you want to download the app? The social audio company has launched a new feature aimed at you.

Clubhouse has finally launched Web Listening. The update allows you to log in and listen to audio conversations even if you don’t have the app or an account.

Read on to find out how the new Clubhouse feature works and how it could benefit you.

Clubhouse launches web listening function

Web listening allows you to listen to conversations in audio rooms from your mobile phone or desktop computer, without having to log in.

You can listen to Clubhouse conversations even if you don’t have an account, without having to worry about downloading the app.

Club house announced the feature’s launch in a blog post. They noted that it will be easier for those returning to work and school to listen to the discussions:

We’re excited to kick off 2022 with this update, and we hope it gives you more ways to find great rooms, show off, and have fun with your friends on Clubhouse.

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The launch of Web Listening is particularly important. Before that, you could only listen to Clubhouse conversations on the mobile app.

By increasing the number of ways you can listen to conversations, Clubhouse allows you to try out the platform before downloading the app.

How Clubhouse’s Web Listening Function Works

Clubhouse’s web listening feature allows you to listen to replays of chats and discussions in live rooms. It works on most major browsers. All you have to do is click on a link to a discussion on Clubhouse, which will launch in your browser, and start listening.


As you would not join the discussion as a Clubhouse member, you will not have a profile icon, unlike an app user. This means that you cannot participate in any discussions and can only listen instead.

A phone displaying the Clubhouse app icon

You can only listen to certain discussions via the web. The creator must have activated replays in the corresponding room. The Replays function allows you to listen to recordings of conversations on the application later.

Clubhouse is rolling out web listening for users in the United States for the first time in January 2022. It plans to expand support to more countries and cover more room types and other parts of the world. full Clubhouse experience going forward.

Clubhouse extends its accessibility

Clubhouse was infamously launched as an invite-only app. And since its launch, users have to log in to join a conversation taking place on the platform.

However, it has made a few notable changes over the past year that stripped it of its exclusivity, making it more welcoming to new listeners.

With the launch of Web Listening, Clubhouse gives even more people access to its content and platform. You will no longer have to download the app or engage by signing up. It could help the platform to grow with more people trying the service and downloading the app based on their experience.

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