Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon Footage Reveals 1 Big Star Wars Advantage

Zack Snyder has released make-up test footage for an alien character in his sci-fi movie Rebel Moon, and it reveals his edge over Star Wars.

Zack Snyder’s Next Sci-Fi Movie rebel moon has an advantage over star wars in terms of character design. The two-part sci-fi adventure rebel moon– focusing on a colony in another galaxy fighting an impending invasion – was originally set up by Snyder as a star wars film. It has since been altered into its own separate universe, and Snyder has put his own distinct spin on some of the major aspects of star wars like a space opera.

Snyder’s recently released makeup test as part of Netflix’s Geeked Week shows a character with purple skin and big horns (pictured above). While the identity of who this character will be rebel moon remains unknown, it highlights Snyder apparently intended for characters with alien characteristics to be designed in a specific way. Namely, one that allows actors under makeup to have their faces more visible on camera, and it has the added benefit of allowing their full performances to shine.


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star wars has many famous extraterrestrial humanoid characters. Many of the best known, such as Chewbacca, Han Solo’s friend Wookie, Greedo, the Tusken Raiders and many more, are designed so that the actors playing them are completely masked. While there is nothing wrong with this approach per se, it has led to quite a number of star wars‘ extraterrestrial characters hiding their actors from the public under elaborate costumes and make-up.

zack snyder rebel moon

Others like C-3PO, R2-D2 or Jabba The Hutt have hidden everything except the voice actors attached to them. Even characters like Boba Fett or The MandalorianThe Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal), due to their cultural origins, must hide their face most of the time under their helmet. With rebel moonSnyder seems more concerned with making sure his cast is as recognizable as possible, even with extensive alien makeup.

Snyder certainly has many unique extraterrestrial lifeforms in mind for rebel moon, including a spider-like humanoid known as Harmada. Although he no doubt intends to be as creative as possible with their designs in rebel moonSnyder reportedly added a whole new element to how star wars generally depicted his extraterrestrial characters rebel moon is part of the franchise. Instead, with rebel moon alone under Netflix, this could be a way to distinguish itself from star wars.

Snyder’s concept art for rebel moon makes it clear that the two-part epic will have a similar mix of humans and alien characters like star wars. Still, her make-up test suggests that Snyder imagined the latter with designs that make it easier for viewers to recognize who’s giving the performance of an alien character. This could end up being one of the main ways Zack Snyder rebel moon rework elements of star wars.

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