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Shingirai Zvokunzwa aka Tevin Mukonda

After my article on Zimbabwean parents abusing their children for benefit, I was swamped with calls and emails demanding that I write about adults abusing the UK benefit system. Many Zimbabweans give the country a bad name in the UK for their love of money. Benefit fraud has been the most abused system in the UK and many Zimbabweans have joined the gang wagon. Many have shamelessly defended it while saying they are taking our money which was stolen by the colonialists. Either way, there is not and there must be no justification for the crime in any way. Eye for eye blinds the world.

A Zimbabwean named Shingirai Zvokunzwa made headlines when UK fraud investigators followed a trail through social media sites and immigration records to uncover the double life of a Zimbabwean fraudster. But justice caught up with Shingirai Zvokunzwa when a judge jailed him for 10 months for embezzling £ 28,000 from Reading Borough Council.

A court heard that Zvokunzwa, of Wroxeter Court, Newstead Rise, Whitley, had started claiming a housing and city council tax benefit in August 2006 when he told city council he was living alone and was receiving a jobseeker’s allowance. But three years later, council investigators, following a whistleblower, found the house he lived in in east Reading was empty and neighbors said the occupier had moved to Canada.

But a full identity fraud investigation was jointly launched by the city council and the Ministry of Work and Pensions after discovering that Zvokunzwa told his landlord his name was Tevin Mukonda.

The court heard that it was later established that Zvokunzwa changed her name to Mukonda after arriving in Britain from her native Zimbabwe. On behalf of Mukonda, he had pocketed three years of government scholarship in addition to the state allowances and housing he claimed. He also got a student loan after enrolling at the University of Reading. But non-disabled single students who follow full-time education are not eligible, in the majority of cases, for housing allowance.

Further information on Zvokunzwa was gathered from social networking sites, including Facebook, and it turned out that far from moving to Canada, he lived in Milton Keynes – where, as Mukonda, he had made another request for allowance.

Zvokunzwa admitted six fraud offenses during his appearance in Aylesbury Crown Court on February 2 and, in addition to his prison term, he was ordered to pay back the money he had stolen from Reading Borough Council. Reported the “Reading Chronicle”, a journal of Reading. Zvokunzwa was not left out. Hundreds of Zimbabweans have plunged their fingers into delinquency and profited from it to the detriment of real victims. Jean Tugwete, 42, from Zimbabwe, lied as Andy Blundell’s personal assistant to the Communisis marketing agency in May 2010 before using the card to make £ 264,274 in fraudulent purchases over a period of three years.

Tugwete then repeatedly amended American Express statements between April 2012 and February 2015 to cover his tracks. She was jailed for three and a half years for two counts of fraud and two of false accounting. Charity Moyo, 38, She stole dresses, tops and shoes from Topshop and Debenhams, so they could return them for a refund to other stores in the Northwest. Originally charged with conspiracy to commit £ 170,000 fraud, but pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud committed at the resort in December 2013.

she was found guilty and sentenced to eight months in prison suspended for 12 months, and ordered to perform 180 hours of unpaid work with six months of supervision. Carolie Nkomo, 35, stole dresses, tops and shoes from Topshop and Debenhams, so they could return them for a refund to other stores in the Northwest.

Originally charged with conspiracy to commit a £ 170,000 fraud, but pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud committed at the complex in December 2013. Evelyn Gore-Strachan Gore-Strachan, a Zimbabwean woman based in the UK, a was imprisoned for 12 years in Reading Prison in England after being convicted of 9 counts of accounting fraud.

Evelyn, who was earning a 6-figure salary of over £ 100,000 a year, engaged in fraudulent accounting offenses for the past 5 years while working for Webtech Wireless and Britannia Pharmaceuticals in Reading Town, UK United.

Gore forged fictitious HMRC tax penalty invoices and paid huge sums of money into his own bank accounts. At one point, she also paid huge sums of money of almost £ 300,000 to Japanese companies registered in her name. Ipaishe Charuma used false documents to secure an NHS scholarship, training and work, was sentenced in 2009 to 18 months’ imprisonment for six fraud-related offenses at Snaresbrook Crown Court (6 November 2009). The total loss to the NHS was £ 72,782.69. The conviction follows an investigation by the NHS Counter Fraud Service. In the meantime, THURROCK Council successfully prosecuted a 42-year-old woman in 2014 who defrauded taxpayers and was awarded over £ 300,000. Eniah Nhika was sentenced on Tuesday September 23 by Basildon Magistrates’ Court to 21 months suspended prison sentence of 2 years, 200 hours of unpaid work and 6 months of curfew after pleading guilty to 9 use offenses a false identity to commit fraud.

Patrick Malati, a Zimbabwean living in Leeds, claimed over 150,000 pounds of disability allowance, claiming he was blind. Yes blind. He was arrested for impaired driving and was found to be a blind Zimbabwean receiving benefits.

The way the system works encourages people to apply for benefits and avoid working for themselves.

There are now many Zimbabweans in prison for benefit fraud. Some are not yet arrested, but the net is closing. Many Zimbabweans work hard, but their good efforts are tainted by the few criminals that litter the UK.

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